British consumers ‘counting on credit’

British consumers ‘counting on credit’

British consumers are far more likely than their European neighbours to count on credit to fund their lifestyles — in spite of being highly financially literate by comparison, research has found. UK consumers are prepared to borrow more often than their counterparts in other countries.

Of those who said they borrowed money to pay bills over the past six months, just under two-thirds of Brits said they had done so more than once in the period — nearly double the European average.

As we enter this festive period with added pressures to spend, there is one industry that is rubbing their hands. The debt collection industry……

Traditionally, January is the key month for these companies to target consumers in debt. The drive through calls,emails and letters is tenfold to any other month. The logic is simple, all consumers consciously relate the beginning of the new year top paying bills.

If you are being chased by Debt Collectors

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