Good Debt versus Bad Debt

Good Debt versus Bad Debt


Making and spending money isn’t bad, it’s your relationship with money which will define your financial health. When it comes to debt it’s important to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. So if we take a closer look at the subject it will help us to better understand when it is a good time to take out debt.

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If you have multiple debts, such as bank loans/credit cards/payday loans, I can guarantee the stress is affecting everything you do daily. I was in this exact position, except for me, it was also the calls to work and the depression that came with it all. As you probably know, when debt reaches a certain limit over a duration of time, you can legally force them to accept final settlement/payment for as low as 10% of total debt. It takes time and paperwork, so I started searching for a company to do this for me.These guys are brilliant and literally gave me my life/sanity back. No matter what your situation, they will sort this by the end of the day, check them out here

This is when you loan money in order to generate more money or to help increase your net worth. There are four very good examples below:


Furthering your education puts an individual in a position to earn a higher salary, get a better job or secure employment. Most educations will pay themselves back in a few years and in a lifetime can give a return on investment worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Loaning money to start a business can earn you more money in the future and as an added bonus you can enjoy the rewards of being your own boss. In addition the benefit of not having to rely on a third party for your salary and the motivation to work harder are also worth the loan.


It goes without saying that purchasing your own property living in it and selling it years later at a profit is a huge motivation to loan money and can be a very profitable transaction. In addition you can also generate income by taking in renters or renting an entire property.


Stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals and other long and short term investments are often the best way for individuals to generate wealth.

Remember however there are no guarantees, any debt can turn out bad and not all ideas work out as intended therefore even what seems like good debt at the time can result in being bad debt.


Here we will look at a few notable items which are just plain bad investments.


A lot of people need vehicles to get around, that is understood. But remember new cars are expensive. It’s the interest you pay on these vehicles that are a waste of money. In reality by the time car leaves the floor it is already worth less than when you bought it. Always try to pay cash rather for an old car, if you can’t try to find the least expensive reliable vehicle and pay it off as quickly as possible.


Clothing, vacations, fast food, groceries and fuel are all items very commonly bought on credit. Every penny spent in interest on these items is money that could have been used more wisely somewhere else.


Due to the high interest rates and repayment schedules which are arranged to maximise cost to the consumer credit cards are considered one of the worst forms of debt. Having a balance on your credit card is never a good idea.

In a nutshell keeping your ego aside and paying cash for everything listed above is probably the best thing you can do and it will save you a lot of pounds in the future.

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